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Lino & Litho Printmaking Let's Play!

To be playful in whatever you're doing, just try playing something that you have not tried before as same as you are doing an experiment like children play messy thing with their 2 hands and happy getting dirty!.

" Just surprise yourself !, doing without planing sometimes in order to see how far it can be" that what my Prof. always say. Lino Printmaking is the thing that you can play around and can be reused so many times after finishing just only one Cutting pattern! but one rule that you have to remember is it's going to be reverse, especially when you're doing letter.

While you can use the same cutting pattern in many times and it's a backward process in Lino printing, Litho Printing is kind of the opposite as you can use the stencil just only one time and it's a forward process; however, the better thing is less consuming time than Lino Printing.

"Don't set a final goal, Just play with it behind the idea and mood!" - Kim Noce, Our beloved course director -

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