Sequence/Sense/Memory : Animatic with Tim Webb

Animatic, for me it's the process between storyboarding and animated step, it seem like not need to do but it's very important to think of as it can provide the sense of the film; time and space or I could say it's like the map of the whole story. Animatic can be portrayed as the compass making the audiences know where they are, what is happen at that time. Webb suggests that every scenes should have 'reason' why you cut to another following scene. However, before planning the whole storyboarding, the first thing that should do is drawing something from your head , in other word, trying to visualise the images from you sense and your memory of something that relate to your story. So at this point he gave me a really exciting quiz which is draw several images immediately according to his order without taking the pencil off the paper in difference time;1 min, 30 sec, 10 sec and 5 sec.

From this quiz, the obvious thing that I've learnt is when you draw something in a very short time you won't think about it too much, ignore the details and do only necessary part in order to keep the same meaning and know what it is. This can be the idea for getting the concept of the story before storyboarding.

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