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Project List:

To Touch[2017] 
-Stop-motion and 2D animation / 1min 27 sec

-Semi-Finalist Animation : Illustration Festival 2018, Georgia, USA

-Semi-finalist Los Angeles CineFest 2018
-Finalist and Nominee for Best Animation of Rome Independent Prisma Awards, May 2018
-Official selection Feminist Border Arts Film Festival 2018
-Screening at University Art Gallery [ Border Zones Liminal Bodies 2018 ]
-Screening at Tate Modern: The Mind of an Artist (5 Febuary'18)
Tate Team: Lucy Allen, Susan Doyon, Elizabeth Robert
Special Thanks: Kim Noce, Lizzy Hobbs, Tim Webb, Shuan Clark, Cristos Feistos, Leszek Mozga, Weichen Tan
Source of audio: TateShots: Barbara Hepworth – December 2011 [With kind permission by Barbara Hepworth]
Produced as part of Tate's collaboration with the London College of Communication

Mir(n)e [2018]

-Oil-painting & stop motion animation 3min 13 sec
-Final Major Project

-Semi-Finalist Rome Independent Prisma Awards, 2019

-Award of distinction  : Canada Shorts film festival, 2019

-Semi-finalist Los Angeles CineFest 2019

-Screenwriter: Camila R Carv Camila Rodo Carvallo
(Benjamin Brown, Devon Yagian-Boutelle, Jayant Manchanda, Nicolas Lauverjat, @Jin Matutamtada)
-Special Thanks:
Kim Noce
Lizzy Hobbs
Tim Webb
Michale Ho
Christos Sfetsios
Antoine Hacheme


Barbican Music Box [2018]: Glowing Grow up
-2d-animation / 30 second of 5 min
Collaborators[5min]: Olena Maksymova, Asheila Amara, Lina Kalcheva, Chenzhong Liu, Weichen Tan, Xinning Liu, Wanling Chang, Xiaozhu Peng, Supanan Wataniyakun, Shiqi Jin
Barbican Coordinator: Emily Williams (Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning)
Barbican Box 2018 created by: Max Richter
Special Thanks - Kim Noce 
Produced as part of Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning's collaboration 


Surprised [2018]
-2d-animation / 15 seconds
-Personal Project for Easter 2018

Smokin sticks by Text Me Records / GrandBankss

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