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MINE: Bibie's Character (Character Design class with Su-Lynn Tann)

'The more you know who you are, the clearer character you will get'. Before creating character, you should get more information about each character as much as you can.

Trying to understand from inside and create her story within her world- what does she want?/what is her goal?/what is her usual habit?/what does she love or hate? and so on.

However, the appearance is the first perception which the audience can immediately realize something about her and can be remembered, so picking up the outstanding point of your face or your body and playing with scale and proportion are the simple easy ways to build your memorable character.

So let’s get to know more about me !!

First, I could say that most of my friends always say

‘Why you seem so sleepy?” Or “Are you tired?”

I'm really appreciated that you all care about me but anyway I’d like to tell you that "this is my normal face haha". So sad but it’s true. So the first obvious point of my appearance is my SLEEPY FACE.

Some friends notice me that ‘you’re so easy-fascinated with something’ and I think yeah! Exactly! and this lead to her character that her facial expression of her surprising mood is the most represented of her iconic face.

I’m very deeply obsessed with yellow, that’s the reason why I try to put this specific color on her costume, why not?!

And another thing I try to explore is to hybridise myself with the sleepy-faced animal which is a sloth.

All of these sketches bring me to the range of my character with different style and I do love it all.

And here I've tried doing the lip-sync and walking cycle

"The more you know (me), the more you know you don’t know”- Aristotle.

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