Mixing Tate II (Britain) Choose and Change

Walking around TATE Britain, finding some environments which can attract you then collect it by drawing some part of whatever you're interested it, from pattern on the wall to the skylight on the ceiling, from a small part of artwork to the whole piece.

“Choose & Change" is kind of rule for this time as after selecting something to draw, you should change some details such as color, gender, size, or whatever you can imagine.

“Be as inventive as you want and just do it”- MaryClare Foa.

From The main staircase at TATE Britain

Works by Gilbert, S. (1948) Unititled and Hepworth, B. (1946) Pelagos.

Works by Sandle, M. (1985,cast,1987) Der Tommler and Brockhurst, G. (1931) Portrait of Margaret,Duchess of Argyll

Works by Spencer, S. (1935) St.Francis and the Birds.

After taking several ideas, we gather them and discuss with group of 4 people in order to create the 12-framed storyboard in 1hr by using the character and environment from that. The essential point of this is to collaborate in group and to listen to the other ideas then you will see the different views from each other which you might never think of!!

So this is the story of the snake which is fighting with the human (sculpture) and then it get free from his hand going through many rooms in the museum passing arches, paintings and some other sculptures before being eaten by the owl who transform from the staircase.

The last important thing for today is “today is the last time for drawing class with MaryClare Foa”, so I try doing something as a little “.GIF GIFT" for her.


Brockhurst, G. (1931) Portrait of Margaret,Duchess of Argyll [Oil paint on canvas]. TATE Britain, London.

Gilbert, S. (1948) Unititled [Oil paint on canvas]. TATE Britain, London.

Hepworth, B. (1946) Pelagos [Elm and strings on oak base]. TATE Britain, London.

Spencer, S. (1935) St.Francis and the Birds [Oil paint on canvas]. TATE Britain, London.

Sandle, M. (1985,cast,1987) Der Tommler [Bronze]. TATE Britain, London.

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