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Supanan Wataniyakun

Stop-motion artist

MA. Animation LCC, UK

BA. Architecture, SU, Thailand

Supanan Wataniyakun or ‘Bibie’ is a former architect in Thailand, she finished her Bachelor of architecture at Silpakorn University, Bangkok. While she was working as an architect she had started exploring and got to know more about herself, then she took a short course of basic animation at BEAR, School of Visual Specialist.


While she were doing her MA Animation at the University of Arts, UK. Her first short film was commissioned by Tate having been selected & awarded at several film festivals. She also collaborated with a team to create animated visuals for Max Richter concert at the Barbican Art Centre. Her own personal project developed into a short film, “Sloom circus”, combining painting on glass and immersive VR. 

Recently, She is a full-time producer & animation director at Toonbuns studio, Thailand and a part-time stop-motion artist on her own. She loves the artwork that use hybrid medium and also usually do mashing up things on her personal project. For example, she used stop-motion technique with oil-painting in her final major project to portray the nostalgic sense representing the narrative of longing, while the oil-painting serves the imagination of the protagonist.

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