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WATERLOO: the boy and his bicycle

Seeing the only one specific area from 5-6 different points of view make me realised that everything changes in just only one step can describe the atmosphere in diff ways , all senses you can perceive in one place and one point of view can tell you why things are working, from sharpness to softness, from patterning to blank space. Putting people in your drawing also help describe the attitude of that place, the scale and the direction of movement.

So, why not try to moving around your object or place that you've chosen and draw it in diff point of view, extremely viewpoint can impact the mood of the character and scene as well.

After finishing observational drawings in waterloo station, the following task was using them as materials to create the 12-frames storyboard involved at least the one character in an event which start at Waterloo station (in group of 3 people).

This storyboarding is just a very rough thumbnail sketches telling just what will happen in overview. (See figure above)

The last thing today is we've divided it into 3 parts for each person in our group drawing it again by adding more details. "the context, the weather, the condition of those diff places changes the type of story that is being told." (Foa, 2017)

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