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1st Day in my another world

Hi! every creatures in the new part of my life 😊

My MA Class has just started today and my another life only has just begun!! The first day of every new interesting things always seem so easy, joyful, and positive But who knows?

I’ve learned many thoughts by seeing and thinking of many things in several ways from just basic skill of art like ‘I’m a child and try not to think what is right or wrong’.

Figure1: Dictionary of marks

The first thing that different marks and tones can create many types of surfaces and express the diff emotions. Also the materials and surfaces which be uses together. Then our prof. let we know her lovely model called ‘Mathilda’[not sure about spelling] for being our model for drawing in diff. positions and angles. This makes we think about the important of the distance between the figure and reference position and the point of view.

We finished our class by getting outside and try to read people attitudes such as ‘who they are?what do they feel?, why they express their faces like that?,where they are going? and so on.

The one of useful ideas that I can remember and really love is “ the world around you can be your material sources for your ideas.”


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