MIR(n)E: A Short Animated Film






    The first idea that pop up in my head is “we have to use stop-motion animation technique as this part of project, no matter what it would be look like” and then another one; oil-painting technique was what we thought about. The first reason for this is stop-motion animation can originally give a sense of nostalgia itself, a kind of human errors and handmade stuff which is suit to our narrative as it represents the longing, missing, in other words, tt is a place that the storytelling and performance can be 'a distorted and eccentric imagination' (Purves, 2008). Another reasons is this magical approach also can give a realistic look with the light/shadow and texture attached on it already without rendering which can illustrate 'the present her' and oil-painting working oppositely offering 'the past her' or her memories.


    In her past imaginary world with an oil-painting scene, we tried to use metaphoric of one ‘basic cliché’; the truth of love/life or actually of everything that nothing will stay with us forever. This was represented by the visualization of beginning, blooming and being apart. Similarly, the mood of the film was accompanied by the lighting which is the important element that can demonstrate the hopefulness and encouragement. This lighting arrangement is related to the juxtaposition of ‘the two frames’ in her room; the painting frame and the window frame which served as the idea of the past and the future. Overall, the protagonist has been struggling in the middle of these and will find the way out at the end.

Sound Design & Music


Soundscape of wind, sea, city/ haunted mood and chaotic in mind, nostalgic, cherish moment

The main characteristic of the sound that will be used is the soundscape of the wind or seascape portraying the sound of her past memories which evokes her old feeling back all the time and the cityscape oppositely bringing her back to the present time. In other words, this conflict of the sound is like inside/outside of Lotte’s mind which is not be distinguished from each other but will be blended well together instead.

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