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 Barbican Box Music Showcase

Music created by musician and composer "Max Richter"

Synopsis & Concept:

     This is a fantastic huge collaborative project with a large number of people, especially the important part is the participation of several secondary schools and FE colleges in east London who will performance on the stage, response to the theme of the box. Another highlight is Max Richter and the musician as they will create a great show and compose the music along with the children.   

     Therefore, while the young people is performance, the animated films are being projected simultaneously 'to enhance' and create a visualization of "SELF-REFLECTION" which is the concept of the show and response to each other with the music.

     For the part of this 30 seconds animation, "as the animators won’t have an opportunity to listen to the music before creating this", so it had been discussed and decided to interpret what is the "reflection of each oneself" in the group and create it like a chain of reflection from one to one; starting and finishing by the box. This could be flexible and looks imaginative that can allocate appropriately to the music.

    The idea of "The path" or "the Footprint" came out after the idea of shoes, as it can refer to the time of growing up, in other words a lot of changes had just happened rapidly from we were born to teenage; so many creative activities and imagination was created by myself combining with the environment who build me to be "ME" today.

     Every steps that has been taken are all significant and worth memorizing, resulting in this shorted symbolizing that thought and giving a sense of "grow-up" recording. As it can be seen in the video there are 5 different types and colors of shoes that can be signifies of each time of changes; the feet with yellow indicate the time when someone were born and a cheerful moment, the child's shoes with pink - the time when children using a lot of imagination and do something without thinking, the sneakers with orange - the time when they becomes more curious and exploring the world, the reddish pink the time when they are turning to young adults trying to do something new that "like an adult do", and the last one the feet again with the blue - the time when they try doing as many things as they desire and finding themselves backing to "do something that they really love" like when they've just born in the new way. 


Credits (30seconds part)
Director: Supanan Wataniyakun
Animator: Supanan Wataniyakiun



Olena Maksymova

Asheila Amara

Lina Kalcheva

Chenzhong Liu

Weichen Tan

Xinning Liu

Wanling Chang

Xiaozhu Peng

Supanan Wataniyakun

Shiqi Jin

Barbican Coordinator: Emily Williams (Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning)

Barbican Box 2018 created by: Max Richter


Special Thanks - Kim Noce 


Produced as part of Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning's collaboration 

Technical info
Length : 30 seconds (from 5mins)
Size: 1920x1080 HD 16:9
Sound: -
Formats: H264


Short Animation


MARCH 2018


30 seconds in 5mins shorted


2D-drawn animation techniques

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