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Waste My Time 
Music Video for H 3 F

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Music Video


June 2021


2 min 33 sec




Initial thoughts / concepts

     Easy concept of 'Let's start' [to do thing], some time thinking way too much would waste your time rather than just making it happen, try it and if it doesn't work then try another way. So this project is experimental itself on the process of making it and also the story is somehow improvised too.


    Anything could happen once you try doing 'little' something. The morning after hanging out with friends, they waking up and face something mysterious!


   'POV' of point of view of the normal human eyes and the miniature's are quite different, these are the important part of this music video, since we really want to create an engagement to the viewers like they are in the same world in the film. To represent these, the puppets and human would not be in the same frame at all, otherwise it would be like normal video that viewers are just the third person.



Press Kit
Waste My Time [2021]

-Live-action & Stop-motion 2min 33sec
-Music Video

-Director : Wutikorn Chernsri
-Animation director : Bibiebibi
-Sound&Music: H 3 F

Engineered , Mixed & Mastered by : Patrick Chinnawong
Recorded at : Sayin Studio Studio 28


Special Thanks to Junk House Music Bar , Stockhome Hostel , Stockhome Records, Sutthipat Kunakorn, Nuttawut Thongnopnua , Makara , Private Room Guitars , Yowa Trisukhon ,Thanabodee Katchamas, Thanaporn Anyamaneecharoen

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