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The Making Of

To Touch

17 Oct 2017

Using stop-motion technique is the most challenging thing to create this short animation as it can easily lead to human error rather than digital technique.

So I had tried several times to make each scene look charming as much as it can be but anyway the mistake also has its own way of beautiful; the appealing of handcraft and bringing an object to life.

There are many interesting things which I have learnt from this. For one thing, The time is the first important thing that you must be respect because the stop-motion room has its strict rule of the time which means that I can't do work after 5 pm. and on weekend as well. So I had just only one time per scene for shooting. Another thing is organising as having 9 scenes with a different props and sets. This is the reason why I had to plan all of the stuff that I need to use in every single day.

The Making Of



Stop-motion and

2D-drawn animation techniques


November 2017



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