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Shorts of 3 stories
with 3 Different techniques

Initial thoughts / concepts


At first the organiser of Thailand Coffee Fest would like to tell the stories of 'Coffee People' as they thought that coffee is not just a drink, it can link many different types of people and make growth in coffee industry, from the owner to consumer, barista and cafe-hopping ppl. They are all called 'Coffee people'

Synopsis / Story-telling

Regarding the concept, we've picked 3 type of 'coffee people' for telling their stories through different unique techniques that specific and fit with each of characters. First personn is 'Wallop', a coffee grower who grow coffee in order to help environment. 'Sawang', a coffee learner who riding his bicycle to several coffee countries for learning more and more about coffee. And the last one is 'Ming', Taiwanese illustrator who travelling around the world for searching new cafes and draw his memory on coffee cups.


Series of 3 shorts


December 2021


approximately 1 min / each



-Coffee painting

-Stop frames


-Marker drawing on coffee cup

Behind the scenes

Press Kit
Sawang [2021]

Stop-motion & Latte art animation 1min15 sec

Wallop [2021]

Coffee-Painted & Stop-frames animation 1min15 sec


Ming [2021]

Stop-frames & Marker animation 1min15 sec

-Directed and animation by BIBIEBIBI 

-Special Thanks:

ANIU for motion & 2D animation assists

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