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Tell Me (The Reason Why?) 
Music Video for H 3 F


Initial thoughts / concepts

     The ambiguous is the key of the story, as the name of the song itself that questions us to think "why someone is always still in their mind", so the concept of stucking in the cave has derived from there 



    The more they dig the way out of the cave, the less they found nothing.


Music Video


December 2020


4 min 6 sec




   The cam angle is the first thing that we have thought about, since the whole story is happening in the magical world of the witch that have the power of controlling them and their mind, so we use the top view and high angle usually through the film, as well as the technique of swirling at the opening scene can be signified to spinning someone's head. The concept of stucking was represented by a variety ways of digging as they sorting out the puzzles in their mind. 

   In the same way of treating lights and mood, the negative space were using a lot to make the dead-end room for the characters. 

   There are some highlight representative elements we put in to make the story more hilarious. The snails appearing and the after-shocked sequence at the end. The snails can be indicated as a 'nothing' or 'emptiness' of finding way-out, as if even they getting harder with the process of digging, they still found only tiny snails as the answer. For the last part of the story is the giving up of the game, their habit become a bit kind of uncanny; playing sands and no finding the exit anymore. This is the intention to illustrate that again whether they try hard, they can not figure it out and they have to compromise with their own mind

Press Kit
Tell Me (The Reason Why?) [2020]

-Stop motion animation 4min 6sec
-Music Video

-Directed and animation by BIBIEBIBI 
-Sound&Music: H 3 F

-Special Thanks:

Yowa Trisukhon for costume

Anuwat Tawee for lighting

Thanabodee Katchamas
Arm Noun
Memine Noun

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