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Sloom Circus

: Virtual Reality Expanded Animation

Synopsis & Concept:

A short experimental film exploring techniques of time-lapse, stop-motion and live action in virtual reality, created in response to existing sound and exploring the combination of different filmmaking techniques in the medium. Within an immersive, hallucinatory space, Sloom Circus explores roles of voyeurism and the subconscious in the creative process in three parts.

The first part (sound by Claire Kearns) looks at ideas of being watched and trapped, a simultaneous blocking off of the world around you and the creation of a new one. This looks at the creative process as creation of a fantastical space, the use of oil paint as a tradition medium and how it can be seen through the lens of modern technology makes it possible to look those themes beyond a specific time and more as a universal idea of creation and subjectivity.

The second part (sound by Giulio Dal Lago) uses stop-motion and different methods of mark-making and contact, which explores impressions and influences; the play of shadow and light suggesting a world beyond the confinement of the internal.


The third part (sound by Teeranont Wiwatjesadawut) presents an overwhelming play of colour and sound, with fast-paced intrusive forces closing in. The internal is attacked and sullied by things beyond it. Shadows of hands, banging against the walls, fingers tapping along the sides make one overly aware of the hidden but constantly changing space beyond their confinement.



Expanded Animation


MARCH 2018


3minute 7 seconds



Live action

Virtual Reality

The Making of Sloom Circus


Director & Animator: Lina Kalcheva, Supanan Wataniyakun, Asheila Amara

Sound & Music: Claire Kearns, Giulio Dal Lago, Teeranont Wiwatjesadawut

Special Thanks: Kim Noce, Christos Feistos

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