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Rain [Chak Kan Wan Fon Tok ] 

Music Video for T_047

Initial thoughts / concepts

     Regarding The lyrics of the song, it is uncomplicated story of couple having a fight and be separated. They wanted to portray the feeling and thought through the protagonist POV regretting longing and unacceptable leaving 


   The difference can make something better or worse depending on how much they got and take from each other. The tiny girl and fisherman are the picture of different world they're coming from, which they both reach to the end of their journey, the point of this crossway making them giving up on each other. He decided to let her go; however, it isn't a good choice either.


Music Video


December 2020


4 min 11 sec



Press Kit
Rain (Chak Kan Wan Fon Tok) [2020]

-Stop motion animation 4min 11sec
-Music Video

-Directed and animation by BIBIEBIBI 
-Sound&Music: T_047

-Special Thanks:

ANIU for costume

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