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HooDoo Heights

A Magical Collaborative project with other 5 witches


Charlotte Carrick

Hannah Westall

Erin Kubicki

Camila Rodo Carvallo


Weichen Tan

Supanan Wataniyakun


Thrown together with a gang of mystical misfits under the roof of the magic-council owned HoodooHeights, two millennial witches make ends meet in the human world.


Gen-W struggles like pagan porn viruses, power-weening weed and Witch-to-Warlock STDs are just the start of their problems...


Bible Pitch for Animated TV series


MARCH 2018






Witchcraft has come a long way since Salem or Sabrina. Social media has birthed a new following for witchcraft as a platform for feminism, activism and self-care. With popstars ‘coming out’ as witches and the likes of Vogue commissioning a witchcraft column, there’s a revival of witchcraft that can’t be ignored. It’s this notion where the origins of Hoodoo Heights lie.


Inspired by the internet-age’s take on witchcraft, Hoodoo Heights is a place to explore what women today could face (and achieve) if we had powers beyond what we already know.  


A dark comedy blending the real with the extremely unreal, Hoodoo Heights is dedicated to an adult audience. Sex, drugs, drinking and dating, though similar to our human world, will be super-charged under the mystical powers of Hoodoo’s residents. Lena Dunham’s Girls-meets-Charmed-meets-Bojack Horseman are three of our main inspirations for this animated series with a target slot of Netlflix and late-night E4.


Episode Format: Each episode will be titled by a fictional tarot card.

The action will fall across the flats of Hoodoo Heights and a handful of human locations (e.g. the local dive bar or the laundrette).


When trouble brews in Hoodoo Heights (a pretty much daily occurrence), the magic follows the witches into the human world. Any chaos caused can only be resolved in the safety of Hoodoo Heights where the episode’s action will come to an end.


A few things you should know…

1.  Humans do not know the existence of magical creatures in their world.

2.  Magical creatures (including the witches) must hide their powers from humans.

3.  If a human was to uncover a magical creature, the magical council would strip the found-creature of their powers.

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