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Concerning to the theme of Unconscious and printmaking techniques, the way of human growing up with different subjective experiences can be expressed through a short serial animation in the way of experimental animation, so doing without planning and just doing it are the main keys of this little project.

"Fear belongs to everyone even you do not except that you have it or not but it still always silently unconsciously be inside you, sometimes it is shown up while sometimes it is not." Fear is one kind of unconscious things inside creature's mind.

There are 8-.GIF animations in a group work and 2 of these are my part.For the descriptipn of the first one; " Truth and Faith can never be together. Truth has been supposed to stay when the faith has been destroyed; however, fear of truth is kind of one type of faith, because actually sometimes you don't even know 'that' is right or wrong, in other word, you can not tell the difference between what you want it to be or what it should be." 


Another one is " After being destroyed, a shield becomes a wall, then a wall becomes a fortress. Facing with someone straightforward, sometimes is better than covering the mask and keep perpetuating the lie, but to do that, the risk of losing something precious has been increased remarkably. So the mask can be like a fortress preventing from this event."









Lino Printmaking

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