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My Buddy,

This video is giving you 'an another sight of London' that Londoner may see in everyday life but they might not notice.
This project is about the relationship of people in London particulaly in the park.
For me this 'London project' is to do or to see something through my lens. 


“The park is a Londoner counterpart, where full of families, friends, pets and isolated people. When I saw the old man sitting alone, some questions pop up in my head; is he relax or not? ; is he fell upon something? ; does it mean nothing or something? ; and does he talk to himself ?. Similarly, thinking about people with their dogs; is they love them as pet?, friend?, or child?. 


According to Robertson, 2011in Ask the Van,2017, "nothing is, in fact, something because nothing exists even as the idea of something that is missing" which means that people sitting alone for me is not JUST sitting, it's meant something to me. In other word, this can be the relationship of they and their own thought. 


For the relationship of people and their dogs, its meaning is also flexible. They might think that if their dogs could turn to their real-human friend or child, how it would be look like? as people who have pet may has a imaginary conversation with it and understand what it desire even not in the same language.


After gathering all of my information from the observation in several parks, from sketches to photograps; from having some conversations with people to absorbing the atsmosphere, these had been analysed and grouped the realtionships involved the interaction with their own [deeper level] and the interaction with other [surface level]. Again the first one was divided into 2 parts which are the 'you&you' and 'you&yours' while another one is just the connection to environment or society.

If I had a chance to do this again or had more time, some processes would be developed such as doing questionare or observing more parks around London.

Everything has its meaning and reason if I look and see through it; how possible it can be because every question can have more than one answers depending on its context, trying to go out alone, spend time with yourself. You will see that loneliness is not always bad thing, everyone can be happy or not it depends on what you choose to see and think.”


Many thanks to Angela & her dog at Richmond park
and The man & his dog, "princess" at Burgess park

Thank you my teacher, Damian and Ian for pushing me to do my best !


Short Animation


August 2017


1 min 49 sec


Digital 2D Drawn Animation

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