October 18, 2017

October 11, 2017

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Happy Sloth & Cameraless workshop

September 26, 2017

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Mixing Tate (Modern): Gathering information by drawing

October 10, 2017

Looking around and picking up some elements of each artworks in TATE  in order to observation and gathering visual information as mush as I can. The P.O.V. that you draw something should be the same point like you put the viewer in. Trying to realize the relation between you and each artwork that interested you, find why you're fascinated with it.

Trying to engage with something you draw by taking note as well.
-What it came from (if it's just one part of artwork.)

-Who made it/title?-When it was done?

-What it make you fee like?

-How it reminds you of something?





After gathering almost 15 drawings from different rooms in TATE, the next step is visualising by compositing all of my drawings in to 1 picture.



All processes can be similar to the process of making film or animation, the way of combining several drawings in to 1 paper is as same as the way of creating one frame of storyboard because I should think how to put each element within one frame.

"Everything you do, draw and take note is your material to create something."- MaryClare Foa.


Bartuszova, M. (1966) Untitled 197 [Plaster]. Tate, London.

Brancusi, C. (1911) Maiastra [Bronze on limestone base]. Tate, London.

Camnitzer, L. (1970) Leftovers [80 cardboard boxes, gauze and polyvinyl acetate]. Tate, London.

Condo, G. (2004) 'Jean Louise' Stepmother [Charcoal on paper]. Tate, London.

Gallizio, P. (1958) Industrial Painting [Monoprinted oil and acrylic paint and typographic ink on canvas]. Tate, London.

Le'ger, F. (1948) The Acrobat and his partner [Oil paint on canvas]. Tate, London.

Meireles, C. (2001) Babel2001 [Radios, light and sound]. Tate, London.

Moriyama, D. (2012) Memory [Photograph, gelatin silver print on paper]. Tate, London.

Paik, N. (2002) Bakelite Robot [Video, 5 monitors and radios]. Tate, London.

Rothenberg, S. (1975) United States [Oil paint on canvas]. Tate, London.

Tuymans, L. (2014) Issei Sagawa [Oil paint on canvas]. Tate, London.

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